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3 seasons

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3 Focus Areas

Deep Root Center for Spiritual Studies is proud to announce our Three Treasures Qigong workshop series. 

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Kung Fu

Students learn the elements of Shaolin Quan or boxing forms that involve the hands, eyes, body, and feet. 


Our Qigong/Tai Chi classes emphasize movement & breath control as a means for healthy and focus one’s mind. 


This class focuses on improving flexibility, range of motion, and balance at any level. 




Meet Your Instructor

Master Sheldon Callahan

Master Sheldon is a well known and respected Shaolin Master recognized by the Shaolin Temple. His study of the Shaolin martial arts began over 20 years ago. Sheldon was trained directly from Shaolin Monks and Martial Masters in both northern and southern styles of Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Tai Chi as well as gymnastics. Sheldon was Named Exec. Dir. for his forward-looking vision, understanding of the art and culture, and many years of hard work and dedication.




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Redwood Heights Recreation Center

Due to Covid 19 Classes are being held Online Tuesday / Thursday and  Outside on Sunday afternoons @

Tel: (510) 992-3514 
Address: 3883 Aliso Ave, Oakland, CA 94619


Shaolin Luohan Institute

1244 23rd Avenue, Oakland CA 94606
This is located in the San Antonio District. The closest BART station is Fruitvale BART.